Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pizza Day!

K and I had been wanting to take Chloe to the Incredible Pizza Kitchen for a while, and every time we go to Memphis there is not enough time! Actually, I have been wanting to take Chloe, I think K just wanted to go and play!

While we re in town for Thanksgiving we took her, and it was SO much fun!

Chloe ate her pizza, and then she had a blast playing games! Here she is playing as hard as she could!

It was a fun time, and I am sure we will go back!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving we decided to avoid shopping areas at all cost! Actually, I decided to avoid lack of sleep at all cost, which meant staying away from the stores. Since we were in Memphis we decided to take Chloe to the Children's Museum and have some fun. Me, K, Chloe, and my mom (Nena) loaded up and traveled to the museum!

The first thing we did when we got there was take Chloe to pick out a boat and let is flow down the stream of water! She also grabbed a net in case she needed to rescue her boat!

Then Chloe needed to go to the kiddie sized Kroger and stock up on groceries! K did not know that it was a pretend Kroger because it looked so real, and her was like...."No way, we are not paying for her to buy groceries!" HaHa!!

Then she decided she wanted to be a dentist, and practiced cleaning teeth!

Her and K test drove a car.

Chloe and Nena were arrested and put in the back of a police car!

One of her favorite things was going to the bank for money!

The rest of the time at the Museum she played on a fire engine, read books, played dress up and danced on stage, flew and airplane and had a blast! Here are some more pictures of her day at the museum!

And here is the last picture on our way out the doors!

Oh Happy Days!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving was full of eating, traveling, seeing friends and family, and eating some more. Can you believe that I do not have even 1 picture of Chloe on Thanksgiving? I have pictures of the day after, but not actual Thanksgiving!

So.....I will have to get some from my mom. She took about 757 pictures in the first 5 minutes of us being in Memphis. I am just kidding, just 500. What's the difference? But, at least someone took them!

So this is what we did on Thanksgiving, and maybe one day I will add pictures! We started out our morning by watching the parade. Chloe loved this. Last year she was not too into it, but this year she loved it. I think that her favorite part was the cheerleaders in the beginning! And why not? Her mommy was a cheerleader! I have never really been a fan of the parade, I think it is kind of boring, but I guess you just have to watch it on Thanksgiving!

Then we headed over to K's grandmother's house. Had lots of food, and headed West to Memphis! In Memphis, we ate at some family friend's house, and had lots of fun! Hi Barbara! I know you are reading this!! Thanks for the hospitality!

So that sums up our Thanksgiving. I hope everyone enjoyed their day like we did!

And just because I like to have a picture on each post, here is Chloe last year on Thanksgiving!

Happy Holiday Season!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Special Day!

The day before Thanksgiving I got to spend the day with Chloe. We did lots of things. but one thing that we always LOVE to do together is go to breakfast at Chick-A-Lay (Chick-fil-A)!

Here is CHloe sitting at breakfast on Wednesday! She was just dying to have her picture made.

This post is really just for my memory! Nothing exciting, just special times with my baby girl!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Luncheon

Chloe had a Thanksgiving luncheon at her school. All the parents got to come and have Thanksgiving lunch with the kids. The parents were asked to bring a dessert if possible, and you know what? At 10:30 the night before, I made it possible. You know what else? Nowhere sells Candy Corn after Halloween. However, I knew that K's mom would have it because she stays well stocked, and I headed to her house at 10:00 to get it!

Here is the dessert Chloe contributed for the Thanksgiving Luncheon.....I thought they turned out cute!

By the time I got there for the luncheon the desserts were divided up. There was a variety at each classroom, and the cupcakes had gone to another classroom. I had to go and ask one of the directors to PLEASE put a turkey cupcake on our table because Chloe was NOT going to understand why her mommy brought turkey cupcakes, and she did not get one. Thankfully, they brought her one!

Here she is on her way to school on the day of her luncheon, or party as she liked to call it!

My friend Tasha made that outfit for her daughter. I was lucky enough to get it when she outgrew it. It has little turkeys on the fabric!

When I walked into her classroom she had the table all set with her Indian hat and her placemat. This is a bad picture of her placemat, but it was cute! There was a glare because it was laminated. I will try to take another picture of it when I think about it.

And here she is sporting her Indian hat. With her tongue out of course! Also, on a sidenote, the boy behind her is named Sean. Chloe came home the other day saying "Sean is my boyfriend!" After a talk with her daddy, Sean is just her friend!

And here is Chloe's best school friend Caitlyn. She was just dying to have her picture taken too!

Here is Chloe waiting for Mrs. Betty to give her food. She was so sweet with her hands in her lap!

And remember those Turkey cupcakes??? She Loved them!

I sure did love eating lunch with that little turkey!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reindeer Games 6:15 yesterday morning K comes out of the bathroom whispering, "Heather, come here. Heather. Heather. Heather. HEATHER come here, quietly!" Obviously because it was still dark outside, and my eyes were still shut, and I did not respond to him the first time, I was still asleep.

But, he kept on, and kept on. And, I got up. Guess what he wanted me to see?

Three of my back yard! I mean, this happens every year, but it is still so neat to see! My dogs ran outside, and Rockne ran as hard as he could after them. All you could see was the deer leaping through the golf course, and every now and then you would see a black spot, which was the dog. Needless to say, he gave up, and came running home.

With his ears pinned back!

Chloe was so upset that she missed Rudolph!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Early Turkey Day!

K loves to cook a turkey. He just loves it. He only does it once a year, and it may be his proudest moment of the year, if you ask him. He likes for people to see it, touch it, smell it, and eat it!

We had some friends over this week for K to make his turkey, and so I made all the sides. If you remember, we did this last year. It has been a whole year since K made his turkey, so he was needing to do this! It was fun, and I am sure next year we will do it again!

Monday night I was up all night cooking, and I finished on Tuesday! All night!!! I made homemade bread, pies, dressing, broccoli cheese casserole, chocolate sheet cake, deviled eggs, creamed corn, garlic mashed potatoes, and I opened a can of cranberry sauce (you know the kind that has the can imprint on it!!!). Can you believe that I did ALL OF THIS without K's help? Yes, I did. I did not ask him one time for his help, and I expected the same in return when he was making HIS turkey. But, it didn't. I was folding laundry, he needed me. I was doing dishes, he needed me. I was breathing, he needed me. But that's okay, I was there.

So here he is cleaning out his turkey....which is the whole reason I have nothing to do with the turkey!

And here he is when it was all said and done. And to think he did this without any help at all. That's impressive!

In between helping him, I was setting the table.....

And I was placing post it notes on the food table so that I would have a spot for all the food! I try to be organized from time to time.

I forgot to take pictures of the food, probably because I was busy helping K, but just imagined that it all looked beautiful! It's probably better that way.

Here is Chloe standing by her table waiting for her friend to get there!

I loved these glycerine soaps that I got for the girls coming.

The night was fun, with lots of dishes to clean! This is after 2 loads had been done in the dishwasher.

And I'm not cooking the rest of the week because there are PLENTY of leftovers!

It was worth it though, it was a fun time!

Picture Day!

Chloe had the anxiously awaited picture day this week. I hate school pictures! I just think that the backgrounds, and props are awful. I remember when I was a kid we would get tons of wallets and pass them out to our friends with notes on the back. I hope she never does this because they are too expensive to be this ugly. Also, when I was a kid they sent home a proof and my parents would order whatever they wanted. By the way, my mom always ordered the biggest picture ever, and still has them all hanging in her house. Mom, I will not get my feelings hurt if you want to take them down, I promise! These days, the company sends all the pictures already printed. You probably get like 25-30 sheets of different picture combinations. It is something like $11.95 a sheet, and the rest becomes scrap paper. Isn't that a waste? Oh well. I always buy one sheet, and put it away in a box! I have them, they are just not displayed. Not that the subject is not adorable, but the background is less than desired! So here is the picture perfect girl at the house before we left for her school.....

I am sure that her picture will be cute! But not displayed for the world to see. We have a thousand others on display.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Support Our Troops....Chloe Does!

Chloe's daycare is sending care packages to two soldiers that are fighting for our freedom. One soldier is in the Army and one is in the United States Marine Corp. Chloe was so excited to take this basket to school to give to the soldiers. These two men do not have families at home, so it is a great feeling to send them some useful things, and handwritten cards. Chloe was all smiles, and so proud!

Here she is with her basket!

What a sweet thing for her daycare to participate in!

Disney Day 4!

Last but not least, this is the end of our trip! And a busy last day we had. We opened up the Animal Kingdom, and there was just a couple of things we wanted to do. Here is what we were greeted with!

We went straight to the Jungle Safari. Chloe loved the Jungle, and everyday she still tells me she wants to be back in the Jungle. here she is waiting for the Safari.

K went on Mt. Everest after the Safari, and Chloe freaked out. She saw the ride come out of the hole in the mountain and started screaming and crying "My Daddy, My Daddy!" When he was done, and she saw him, she calmed down!

After we left Animal Kingdom we headed back to Magic Kingdom to ride Buzz Lightyear again. I wont post more pictures of that ride, but she had just as much fun if not more. After the ride we headed to Minnie Mouse's house. She was so excited to go into Minnie's house!

And did you know Mickey Mouse lived next door?

After lunch it was time for one last picture of front of the castle.....

And then it was time to go, and Chloe was so sad!

See Ya Later sure was fun!