Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day, Snow Day

Chloe is not quite sure what to think of the snow this year! To be honest, I am not a hige fn of it this year. I is COLD outside. I know that I have not been the best mom for not taking Chloe out earlier, but it was just so warm and cozy inside.

Finally, I decided to buck up, get her dressed, and take her out. To be honest, I had to beg her to go outside. I did not want her to be 30 years old and holding a grudge against me for not taking her out when she was 3 years old and there was snow on the ground. she is, all bundled up!

In case you are wondering what she had in her hand, she decided to take her bubbles out and blow the FREEZING COLD WEATHER!! But, what the heck, she had fun!
And what would a snow day be withouy throwing snow balls at daddy?

I mean just look at this face...she needed to be out in the snow!

Of course, a snow ball fight goes both ways, so K had to get her back. She was not too sure about that!

And he looks so proud of himself!

Maybe she is quite the snow bunny after all. Next time....we will see if we can get her to go sledding again! She was not so into it this time around!