Sunday, April 24, 2011

1st Prime Tyme Uniform

Chloe's cousin, Elizabeth, gave her a Prime Tyme Cheerleading Uniform. Chloe LOVES it! I let her put it on and she said that it was "SO SPARKLY!"

Here she is!

I wonder if I have a cheerleader in my future!

My First Bike

After church and brunch, we headed home to rest for the remainder of Easter Sunday. "Nena" had gotten Chloe a new bike, so K put it together. When Chloe got up from her nap, she got to go outside and try it out for the first time!

I am not sure that Chloe knew what to think about it. She is only used to her car, or her tricycle.

Stay Tuned! We will see how the "Bike Riding Lessons" go!

Every Morning is Easter Morning!

Happy Easter...He is Risen! Chloe was so excited to wake up on Easter morning. When I let her get up, she walked slowly around the house, just looking around. I think she was looking for her Easter Basket, but not quite sure what to expect to see in it!

But she was all smiles when she saw it. This is what I call a "sleepy smile!"

After we read her new books, ate breakfast, and got dressed, look how sweet Miss Chloe looked!

I love this curly haired sweetie pie! After church we went to BYCC to eat brunch. Chloe loves her "Country Club", and for the most part thinks that she owns the place!

Here is Chloe with her cousin, Elizabeth. She was so thirsty!

Happy Easter...I hope that you are celebrating the real meaning of Easter! He is Risen Indeed!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Fun at School

This is going to be a short, and sweet post....I just wanted to remember, for myself, the cute Easter Carton that Chloe made at school for her Easter Egg Hunt!

And believe me...she filled that sucker up!

Bluegrass Egg Hunt

We were excited to get to go to the Bluegrass Egg Hunt this year because originally we were not going to be able to make it due to a Sunday School Party. However, it was raining that morning and the Sunday School hunt was cancelled, so here we are! Chloe was very excited because she loves anything that takes place at "her country club!"

As soon as we got there we were greeted by the bunny. Chloe's other cousins Caleb, and Elizabeth were there too so she got to have her picture made with them!

Chloe headed over to the crafts table after she got a chance to see the Easter Bunny!

While we were waiting for the Egg Hunt to start Chloe saw that they were setting up for a wedding in the Glass Room. She LOVES anything that has to do with a wedding, and she LOVES taking pictures. So guess what we spent the next 30 minutes doing?

Seriously, this girl knew right where she wanted to stand, in front of the beautiful flowers, next to the wedding chairs, in the brides aisle! I have to give it to her, she knows what looks good!!

As soon as I thought we were done in the wedding room, she remembered the craft she had made earlier and wanted to take a picture with the wedding room!

It was finally time to head out to the Egg Hunt! This was the first year that Chloe moved up to the older age group, making her the youngest. She was a bit intimidated.

I think that she was more concerned about having some tea, than hunting eggs with older kids! Here she is with her tea because she was just "parched!'

And here is Chloe after the hunt with her basket..notice it is not overflowing with eggs. She got a grand total of 6. Yes, you read that correctly!! Like I said, she was more interested in having tea!

When the hunt was over K, Chloe, and I headed inside to have something to eat. We were all starving, and it got me out of cooking that night! Do you think she is a Daddy's Girl?

I think she kinda likes me too, though!


First Annual Egg Hunt at Granny's!

It seems like we go to a million Egg Hunts every Easter, but this year we added another. K's Granny set up her back yard for Chloe and her cousin Savannah Grace to hunt eggs together. Shanna and I love it when the girls get together and we can take their pictures so this was the perfect opportunity!

Chloe and Savannah were so excited! She had her game face on!

She got one!

And she is headed for another.....

After the hunt was over, and we confirmed that all the eggs were found, we decided it was time to get some photos of our girls!

How sweet are they? Cousins, but most importantly...FRIENDS!

Getting Ready for the Easter Bunny!

Chloe was so excited about the Easter Bunny coming to her house. Aren't all kids? She gets so excited about Santa Claus too, and I just love to watch her, and hear the excitement in her voice. Getting ready for bedtime was no problem. She even had the bright idea to put sponge rollers in her hair, which I have to agree was a GREAT idea.

Once she was tucked into bed, and asleep, guess who came to visit? The Easter Bunny! Look at all her stuff that she gets to wake up to!

And the Easter Bunny even visited K, too!

I think that someone is going to love waking up on Easter Sunday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Style Icon!

If you are ever wondering what in the world takes us so long to get out of the house in the mornings it is this little girl....

I feel like we are always running late because she wants to take pictures. On this particular morning she said this to me. " Oh Mommy, look at these beautiful flowers. I need to take a picture in my beautiful clothes with these flowers." I cannot make this stuff up! I just looked at her...she was dead serious, and already outside posing.

What can I say? My baby girl likes the camera!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Somebody is Ready for the Bunny!

There is really no point to this post, but Chloe wanted to take MANY pictures of herself in one of her 6 Easter dresses that "Nena" got her! I just love this silly girl!

I think someone is excited about the Upcoming "Egg Hunts!"

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Jake!

We got to go to our friend Jake's 3rd Birthday Party. Hailey, his momma, did the best job! Jake's party was a "fishing party" and it was at the lake, so Chloe was super excited to go. However, I am no fisherman, so this was daddy's party to enjoy so that I could take pictures and chat with the girls.

K and I took CHloe to Wal-Mart before the party so that she could pick out her very own fishing pole. She had Barbie, Disney Princess, Sponge Bob, and Spiderman to pick from. Guess which one she picked?? SPIDERMAN!! Why, you ask? I asked her the same question and her response was, "He is so handsome, mommy!" Seriously, she wants to marry Spiderman. And you would thing that when I say Spiderman I am actually referring to Tobey Maguire, but I am not. I am referring to SPIDERMAN in the red jumpsuit thingy! And why would she not want to marry him...have you seen him?

I mean, check out that pose! I must say, red is his color.

Seriously though, she got the Spiderman fishing pole, and here she is watching K put it together for her.

I feel certain she asked him several times to hurry up! Finally it was time to hit the fishing dock!

Here is the Birthday Boy looking like a pro!

K was baiting the hook for Chloe while she stood patiently with her Spiderman tackle box. That was more important to her than the actual fishing pole.

Here is sweet little Aiden just fishing his heart out! Chloe was watching K fish his heart out!

Chloe decided that Aiden must be such a good fisherman because he is in his daddy's lap, so she needed to give that a try!

And guess what?? It worked!

She thought that was the biggest fish! She was so funny because as soon as she touched that fish, she was DONE fishing. She thought it was disgusting. She was just going to supervise K from that point on!

She is like her mommy...we do not touch fish! Unless we are eating cheddar cheese goldfish, in which case we cannot stop touching them!

I hope Jake had a GREAT Birthday! We sure had fun at his party!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So Long Tree!

We had some pretty powerful winds come through, wouldn't you agree?

The funny part is that I had NO IDEA it happened! I was at home the whole time. It was not until 2 neighbors called to check on me that I realized that my tree was down!

Oh well....Good bye tree! It was fun while you lasted. Hopefully we will have less squirrels now!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let's Go Harvest Some Crops!

Just another day at the farm! We headed out to take Chloe and Rudy to run around and wear themselves out at the farm. Chloe loves to go there and see all the stuff. And when I say all the stuff I mean that she likes to go and find rocks, flowers, trees, and she loves to ride her car around. She thinks she can do anything she wants there, which is why she loves it.

When we got there she bolted to get into her car and go out on her own. You know...K and I are so lame!

Rudy was two steps behind her!

This little girl thinks she is ready to go and work in the garden with MeMaw, PaPaw, and Daddy! Notice I did not mention myself. I was the photographer for the day. However....I DID HELP PLANT SOMETHING!! I just cannot remember what it was!

Kenny and his dad look like they are working so hard to figure something out! I feel quite certain they were debating the "best"way to get something done!

And look at this big helper...she always knows the best way to do stuff! Just get some wood and hit the dirt with it. Come on Dad and should know this.

And who is this good looking country boy working the tiller?

I can say without reservation that I never thought I would be married to a man that was out "tilling the garden!" It just sounds funny!

And my goodness, the Princess got thirsty after working in the garden! She needed to re-hydrate herself. It is a good thing we had some water.

I know that some of you may be surprised that she is not used to all this manual labor...but, well, SHE'S NOT!! Shocker.

I just put this picture on here because I love her profile. To me I can see the 6 month old baby girl I used to hold and rock.

After she had a little break and rested up it was time for her to get back to work. Hey, we are not paying her to stand there and drink water all day. We have a garden to plant! Or should I say...they have a garden to plant. No more time to waste.

And here she is carefully planting corn....

She was taking her time, but after all....this is corn people, she will NOT mess it up!