Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pizza Party!!

Chloe had her first Pizza Party over at her friend Annalee's house! We also got to meet and hold Annalee's new baby sister, Lesley! I am not sure why we do not have any pictures of Lesley, but there are plenty of cute ones of Chloe and her BFF making their own pizza's!

Annalee was too busy in this picture to look over and smile! Chloe took a break from piling cheese on her pizza to show me her pretty smile!!
Pizza Parties are the best! "Can we do this every night Mommy?"
I just love these girls!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Game Shirt Day

Chloe had Game Shirt Day at school and I was determined that she was going to wear one of her sweet little cheerleading uniforms to show her team spirit. However, Chloe and K had a different plan.

You see when I was away at a business meeting in June, K ran across a kids t-shirt from a football camp from his old high school. And if you know K, he made a big deal to her that he went to that school and played that game. And if you know K's mom she made an even bigger deal that K hold records TO THIS DAY at that school. So while I was away at my meeting K and Chloe thought that it would be an awesome idea to wear this to school one day, or everyday. Who knows? I was out of town remember? Yes, I laid out PLENTY of clothes, but I'm pretty sure the Game Shirt, which we call "Daddy's Game Shirt" (even though he never wore it because it has the year 2008 on it), was the outfit of choice.

So anyway, back to Game Shirt Day. I planned on the cheerleading uniform, they planned on Daddy's Game Shirt. Well...I lost, she wore the game shirt. But I made it a tiny bit cuter with some bows and some pink leggings. Here she is!

Oh Wait......she is hiding behind her tap shoes. Don't they add so much to the Game Shirt? Here she is displaying the full outfit. And by the look on her face she loves it! And she thinks that it is always best to have her tap shoes with her. If you can't wear them on your feet, wear them on your hands and you can tap them together!

Happy Game Shirt Day Baby!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Because.....

I cannot get enough of her dressed in her leotard for dance!

I just want to squeeze her and love on her and kiss her. She is the me! Something that K and I are just loving these days is when she learns something new at dance class and she wants to come home and show us. It is so funny because she will show us, we will do it and then we will all go about our business. BUT....when we are not looking Chloe will be looking at her reflection in the mirror, dishwasher, whatever she can, and be pretending to hold on to a ballet bar and practicing her moves. It is so darn cute.

If nothing else it proves to K that she really does love dance and it's not a waste of money! I just love it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday K!!

So I have been absent for a couple of weeks! Sorry about that! Why? Well that is because we were busy celebrating K's birthday that lasted what seemed to be a lifetime! But....he is worth it. If you know Chloe, you know that she loves to sing "Happy Cake Day!", so she was having the best time of her life!

We had lunch at Fairvue, dinner at my house, dinner at Outback, dinner again....and on and on and on! are some pictures of the party that me and Chloe hosted for him at our house. His parents, and grandparents came over and we had prime rib, grilled asparagus, potatoes, salad, and an ice cream cake.

Here is where the party was hosted.

And before everyone got to our house we took some birthday pictures. Here is the birthday boy with his princess! And his queen!!!

The ice cream cake that we picked out for K was so cute! Here is a picture of him kissing his baby.

K had a great time at his party! He got a shotgun, movies, giftcards, shoes, and some hunting stuff. He says he is going to start hunting. We will see how that goes!

Then we moved on to the next day where we celebrated at Outback Steakhouse. I do not have any pictures, but we went there with his other grandmother, aunt, cousin, and parents. The party continues, and on and on and on!!!

The next night, on his actual birthday the pace slows down and we enjoyed hanging out at home. We had chinese food delivered which turned out to be one of the most disgusting things I have ever eaten, and this this scrumptious cake that Chloe helped me make like a big girl!

Chloe LOVED singing the Happy Cake song to her daddy! In fact we sing it for an hour everyday and its not his birthday anymore!!!

And what would a birthday celebration be without Chloe helping her daddy blow out the happy candles?

I hope that K had a great birthday week. It was busy, but fun. And guess what? This was my 9th year in a row to celebrate birthdays with K. They get better and better!!

Happy Birthday K....I love you!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dance Lessons....Again!

I am sure that you are going to be so tired of me posting pictures of Chloe and her dance lessons so I am sorry in advance! Oh wait!!! It's my blog, so I'm not sorry!!

Yesterday Chloe had her second dance lesson. She was ready to go!

So this is what happened.....I get the ballerina princess in the car. I drive through sonic for a drink because I cannot go 5 minutes without a Sonic Diet Coke, and then we head for the dance studio. On the way there I thought to myself (BIG MISTAKE), man I hope we can just make it through dance lessons without a dirty diaper. It's just one hour. Surely it will not be a problem!

YEAH RIGHT! When we got there she said in the saddest voice...."Mommy, I'm poopy." And at that point all I could think was she has tights, a leotard, and tutu on, and to top it all off I am going to have to take her ballet slippers off to manage this, in the car! No big deal, right? Right.

Well I got her out of her carseat and as we were walking over to the other side of the car I felt something wet! Is this grossing you out? Well, you did not have to deal with it! It was all down her tights, on her tutu. All I could think was PLEASE NOT ON HER MONOGRAMMED LEOTARD!!!! And guess what? I am not sure how she managed it, but it got all over EVERYTHING, including myself, but not her leotard. My baby understands fashion. However, you can just imagine how upset she was when she got inside and she was the only one without a tutu. So I did what any dance obsessed mommy would do....bought her one!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dreams Come True

Before I was pregnant with Chloe I dreamed of the little ballerina, cheerleader, soccer player, and if it was a boy the little football and baseball player. I know I know....those were my dreams! If you can remember I had Chloe in gymnastics when she was 9 months old because I wanted her to do it and she was so cute! But...we took her out because she could not walk. she can. In fact now she is involved in activities, and she loves them. On Wendesday night K and I took her to church to register her for Music and Missions. They had a little kick-off party and she got her face painted. Here she is being so good. She got not one, but two hearts on her face. One pink, and one yellow.

Chloe LOVES to go to church and "Sing about Jesus!" In Music and Missions she is going to get to learn songs, play with instruments, and learn about missionaries, make crafts, and read stories. She loved Wednesday night. We were in the missions room and she was learning how to pack a suitcase like missionaries do and she said "Momma I need my stuff to see Jesus." It was so cute. And this is her favorite song. ALMOST every time she cries this song will soothe her. I remember the night I made it up, and by made it up I mean I made up the words to go to another songs tune! K was at a friends house watching UK play in the NCAA Basketball tournament in March. I was at home with Chloe and she was just one month old. Here is the song:

Jesus Loves My Little Chloe
That's why He gave her to the world
He gave her 10 fingers and toes
Pretty blue eyes and a button nose
Jesus love my little Chloe Soooo much

Atleast once a day she will ask me to sing her the "Jesus Song", and I love singing it to her!

Guess what else started last week??? DANCE LESSONS. Chloe is now taking ballet, tap, and gymnastics at Smartt Steps. Her teacher is Miss Ashley. Here she is at home waiting to leave for "Dance Cass."

K thinks that this is a waste of money, and I think that if she likes it and it makes her happy then it is not a waste of money. With that said, you can imagine how nervous I was that she was going to kick, scream, and cry when we dropped her off!!! However, it was just the opposite. We had to exchange her "BAWAY slippers" when we got there so here she is walking into the studio with her new slippers! She looks ready to go!

She was so excited about her dance bag, tap shows, and her "BAWAY slippers" that all she said for the 20 minutes we had to wait before class was "Momma I need to go to dance cass. Momma I'm going to cass. " And on and on and on. When it was finally time we walked into the room and she sat down with the other little girls.

And then Miss Ashley lined them up in front of the mirrors. She loved looking at herself. And I must say, if I was as cute as her I would love to look at myself too!

Finally the music started and tapping was heard....except not by Chloe. It is not that she did not want to do it, but she kept looking at K and saying "MON DADDY, DANCE ME!!" She wanted K to dance with her. So when I realized that she was not going to do anything with us in there we left and went to the waiting room. That is where we will always be, but because this was the first week parents could watch for a few minutes.

However, because of her desire to dance with her daddy this is all I heard for the next 45 minutes....."She can dance with me a home!", "Look, everyone else is tapping but Chloe.", "Waste of Money.", "I bet she is still standing there!"

It was a wonderful 45 minutes! But when class was over she said "Momma I love dance!" And I loved that she loved dance! She even kissed K when we got home and said "Daddy, thank you let me dance!". And at that moment she melted his heart!

Later on I asked her to show me what she learned at dance and she put her hands on her hips and started shaking her booty, and then she spun around like a ballerina. She said "I love BAWAY momma!" Lastly, she showed me how to Sashay through my kitchen! So, I think she likes it!

Bless Her Heart!

I am going to go ahead and apologize for this post because there are NO pictures, but I am putting this on the blog so that whenever I get around to another scrapbook I will remember that this happened. Not that I can forget this traumatic experience for my princess! As a matter of fact I DID take pictures, but come to find out there was no memory card in my camera so you can figure out that there were no pictures!

So...this is what happened.

Last week, July 31 to be exact, Chloe got beat up at school. I know I know.....I had the same reaction. This is what happened. Some not so nice boy named Wade did not want her cleaning up. And if you know Chloe then you know she LOVES to clean. I mean....she loves to clean. Remember these pictures? (See, I had to put a picture. It would have been so boring without!)

Anyway, back to the story, Wade did not want her to clean. In fact he was so against her cleaning that he took a block, also known as a lethal weapon, and started beating her in the face. It is making me sad just thinking about it. So when I went to pick her up she turned and looked at me and she was holding an ice pack on her face. She said "Mommy, Wade hit me in face with block!", and when she moved her ice bag it was so swollen and there was a line of blood just dripping down her face. So being the non-confrontational person that I am called K! But...what can you do? They are two years old. So I just loved on her and told her that Wade did not mean to hurt her (even though he SO did) and that she still needed to be his friend. Her response was "Mommy, I don't yike it Wade. Wade hit my eye."

Bless her heart!

We did see Wade the next day at the school carnival, and Chloe's eye was then a nice shade of purple and scabbed! She was still beautiful. When she saw Wade she told her Daddy who he was and K gave him the evil eye. Then....K saw his mamma and backed down. She could have killed him!