Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Got Boo'ed.....Did You?

On Thursday night our doorbell rang.  Who could it have been?  K went downstairs and came inside with this:

Someone in our neighborhood "Boo'ed" us. All we had to do was place this ghost on our window, and make two more "Boo Bags", and Boo two more families in our neighborhood. It was a fun Halloween game. Here is the ghost that we placed on our window to let our neighbors know that we had already been "Boo'ed."

And here are the two "Boo Bags" that I made to "Boo" our neighbors.

Did you get BOO'ED?

Family Fun Night #2

So, another week.....another Family Fun Night. As you may remember, K was supposed to plan this weeks fun night, but I took over due to the fact that I had to change the night. Work obligations got in the way of our scheduled night. It was a VERY quickly planned, and thrown together night, but we laughed a lot and had fun.

Because K and I love "Grey's Anatomy", I decided to do an Anatomy theme. And yes, I am well aware that Chloe does not even know what Anatomy means, but there were things that she enjoyed. It was the only thing I could think of on such short time. I knew that if we did not have one this week, all two of you that read this would say...."I knew you would not stick with this!!" And, I just could not bear that!!

So here it is!

Our gourmet meal consisted of.....

And what for the entertainment you ask????

Chloe looked so cute coloring her brain. Wanna see the final product?

And before ending Family Fun Night Chloe had to enjoy a piece of "Red Blood Cake."

K has big plans for next week.....stay tuned!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Should I Be Scared?

Family Fun Night #1

Okay, I decided that we too are going to implement a weekly Family Fun Night.  I will plan one week, and K will plan the next.  

This Wednesday was our very first Family Fun Night, and because I am a control freak I planned it.  K gets next week.  The theme was "All Things Halloween!"  Remember when Chloe and I picked out pumpkins......they were for Family Fun Night.  

Here is what we did:  I decorated, we ate spider sandwiches, mummy dogs, Jack-O-Lantern fruit cups, cupcakes, and then we decorated our pumpkins.  We had so much fun.  Here are the pictures of the first Family Night.

And here is the final product! K says that mine is the ugliest pumpkin he has ever seen. WHATEVER!!

Pumpkin Patch

On Tuesday I took Chloe to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out her own pumpkin, and I let her pick out 2 more for me and K.  Here she is making her choices, and trying her best not to smile for the camera!

What a sweet Pumpkin!

Monday, October 20, 2008

So Smiley at Smiley Hollow

Last night our church hosted a family event at Smiley Hollow.  We had so much fun with each other and friends.  We first headed straight to the food, and then went to walk around outside.  

Chloe decided to hold on to her cup ion case she needed a refill on "WaWa" (water).  She was so cute!

So after playing with the cup for a few minutes guess what we spotted??

Don't you think that is the most adorable picture ever??? Well......if you don't, just pretend. I love it. The funny thing was that she was not at all interested in eating the cotton candy, in fact, she would not even put it in her mouth. I think that she just liked holding it, and I liked watching her hold it!

Then it was off to the ponies where we saw our friends Jessica, Billy, and their two precious girls! Now...if you remember a few posts back, Chloe loved the ponies. Last night......NOT SO MUCH. K was with her and she freaked out. I did get a couple of not so good pictures, but due to the fact that her world was coming to an end....her pony ride came to end. Did I mention that everyone else stayed on their pony, but Chloe needed to get off? She preferred to watch the ponies.

So then we headed to the hula hoops. Chloe has never hula hooped, and I am not sure if she liked the hula hoops, or the music, but whatever it was, she had more fun then she did at the ponies. And who better to teach her how to hula hoop than her daddy?? Look at the two of them sharing a hoop.

And here she is trying her best to figure it all out.

After she mastered the hula hoop, and she totally did, we went for a short, cold game of miniature golf. She loved throwing the ball and then running after it, putting it in the hole, and then getting it out. She loved it!

And then it was time to head home...someone was getting sleepy. K did not get his afternoon nap! Just kidding. But, before we headed out we had to let Chloe see the cow that she pointed at every time we walked past it.

So long Smiley Hollow!! It was fun!

Tag....I'm It!

Okay......Jessica tagged me last week for the cute Photo Meme.  All I have to do is go to my photos and post the 6th picture in the 6th folder.  Here it is!

This was a day after I had Chloe, and she was in the NICU. Wasn't she so tiny....and beautiful? I will never forget watching her fight to gain weight so that she could come home!

Little Miss Round-Up

Sunday at church the preschool was having Round Up Sunday. All the kids got to get dressed up in Western wear and we did not exactly have baby western gear. Heck, we don't have adult Western wear.....except K did have some Wranglers when I met him....does that count? Even if he "lost" them?

Anyway, I was not going to go out and buy something for her to wear once and never again, so I made do with what I found in her closet. Let me just say......I think that she looks pretty cute for a last minute outfit thrown together by "Psycho Mom."

Isn't she the cutest country girl??

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Is this precious little angel not the sweetest thing you have ever seen? I just love watching her sleep.

Sweet Dreams Little One!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I just love my pumpkin!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Welcome Fall!

Guess what?  Fall is here, and I love it.  I am so glad that it has cooled off in the evenings.  On Saturday I went to Wal-Mart and got a fire pit to celebrate the season.  On Saturday night K built a fire and we all sat outside.  

Chloe loved the fire pit.  She just sat in her chair and stared at it!  Here are some pictures from our first fall fire!


Family Fun Zone

This weekend our church hosted a Family Fun event that we visited.  Chloe was a little hesitant because when we got there she saw all the inflatables, and as mentioned in a previous post, she HATES inflatables.  

Anyway, we walked over to the ponies and she loved them.  Here she is watching the ponies through the gate.

K was not there so I was scared to death to let her ride the ponies. It was not that I was scared....I was more concerned with how I was going to get a picture of her while she was riding if I was making sure that she did not fall off the whole time. It is all about the pictures people! So the guy there said that she could ride and that they would make sure that she would not fall off. SCORE! Here she is looking like such a big girl riding a pony.

In case you cannot tell by the pictures, they did not exactly stay with her to make sure that she did not fall off. I cannot tell you how many times I almost threw the camera on the ground because she started sliding. She did get a kick out of riding the ponies, but I almost passed out from fear. I mean, how would I explain to K that she broke her neck because I wanted a cute picture?

After the pony ride, I called K and told him that he missed Chloe riding her first pony, and let him know how freaked out I was. What do you think he said? "PUT HER ON IT AGAIN, AND VIDEO IT THIS TIME!!!" I was pretty sure he was crazy because I had just calmed down, but guess what??? We rode them again, and I videoed. And this time I was counting down the seconds until she was off of the pony. I mean at 19 months she has no business on the pony by herself. I guess I should not be complaining....I allowed it. Oh well, she made it!

Then we headed over to the train that she has been wanting to ride since she saw it when we were walking in. While we were waiting our turn, Chloe was given a balloon that was supposed to look like a fish. She decided that it suited her better as a necklace.

We had a fun time together at the Family Fun Zone. After the train ride we headed home. Someone was exhausted.....okay, we both were!