Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

We are going to have one "SPLASH" of a day!

I love Chloe in the swimming suit. This is the 3rd year she has gotten to wear it! Each year I always think to myself that I hope she can wear it for just one more year! Let's take a look at her sporting this bathing suit 3 years in a row!




Chloe did get out of the pool long enough to grab some lunch, and get some shade.

Then, it was game time! Chloe stood in line to play games.....

And then she decided that she didn't want to play! She changes her mind constantly....story of her my life!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Happy Pool Opening Day! Chloe has been SO excited about the opening of the pool at her "Country Club!" She has been waiting and waiting. Every time we ate at BYCC she looked at the pool to see if it was open yet! TODAY IS THE DAY!!

Here she is testing the was COLD!

Once she got it, it was time to play! She seemed to have forgotten about the temperature of the water!

Chloe's friend Courtney got there, and she was excited!

Something, or someone...probably her daddy, made her laugh! She is so cute when she is giggling!

We tried to put Chloe's floaties on, and get her in the "big" pool, but she was not to excited about that!

Finally, she calmed down, and tried to smile for the camera! Bless her heart!

Once she was back in the "baby" pool, she was all smiles again! I am hoping that by the end of summer, she is more comfortable in the "big" pool.

Chloe's other pool friend, Lagan, got there and she has a friend to play with in the "baby" pool. They were so cute having a tea party together. I think that every summer, Chloe's favorite toy at the pool has been her princess tea set. She loves it so much!

K convinced Chloe to try and get back into the "big" pool.

She was still not thrilled with it! Oh well, it is ONLY DAY 1. We have our work cut out for us!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Wise Man Built His House on the Word

Chloe had a little program during her Wednesday Night Mission Friends. She loves to go to church, every time she gets a chance. She loves it on Sundays. She loves it on Wednesdays. However, on Wednesdays, she goes to Mission Friends. One hour of Choir, and one hour of Missions. She could do without the Choir, but it is just part of it. did not surprise K and I at all that she was not too thrilled to be singing on Wednesday night. The title of their program was "A Wise Man Build His House on the Word."

Here is Chloe walking into the chapel!

The teacher was assisting the kids while they were taking their places on the risers. And yes, those are Chloe's panties. Her skirt would NOT stay up. It was just too big on her.

Personally, I think she looked cute, even if she was not excited about it!

Every single time I tried to take her picture, this is what she did! She did not like me looking at her, and trying to snap pictures!

She did perk up for a minute when she got her hammer! I thought that her performance would REALLY take off at this point!

She was given a deflated hammer, so then she got a new one!

She waved it around for a minute, and sang a few words, but all in all...I think that she would have preferred to be in Missions! She loves learning about Missionaries!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Addison!

One of Chloe's very best friends from school turned 4! And we were so happy to get to be a part of Addison's Birthday Party! The party was at our church, and we had so much fun! Here is Chloe waiting for the Birthday Girl to come in and play!

She was so excited to be at this party with all her friends from. Here is Chloe with Addison, and Ashlyn...

These three girls were having a blast going back and forth on the rope line.

Before we went into the party room, all the kids gathered for a group picture!

Chloe and Ashlyn were waiting to get some pizza!

After their belly's were was time to get their faces painted! Of course, Chloe chose a pink flower!

Before we left the party, we got one more picture of Chloe with the Birthday Girl!

Such sweet girls!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Feeding the Ducks, and Mastering the Bike!

After 2 weeks of being away for training, I am finally home! Praise the Lord! K and I decided to take Chloe, and her bike, to the park. It was a beautiful day, and we wanted to get out and let her practice. Chloe thought that it would be a great idea to feed the ducks while we were there!

After she was out of bread, and K and I convinced her that the ducks were full, it was time to get on the bike! Look at the determination in her face!

And she had all the support she needed with her Daddy next to her!

When her little legs were worn out, we stopped for a couple of pictures. She was all smiles for the camera!

Then I got the chance to snuggle up with her a little bit!

Overall...we had a great day! It is great to be home....

....with the ones I love!