Friday, July 24, 2009

Theme Week

Chloe had theme week at Daycare last week and I just had so much fun dressing her for it! I took a picture of her every morning and she loved it too! So here is how the week went:

Monday: I am not sure what this day was because they had not told us about it. There is no picture.

Tuesday: Hat day

Wednesday: Pajama Day- She loved wearing her "popa pots"

Thursday: Mis-Match Day- This was a hard day for my because I am not a big fan of Mis-Matching sweet Chloe. So look closely at the bows and shoes. They did blend, but did not match. Hey...give me some credit!

Friday: Crazy Hair Day- She loved all the bows and ponytails she got to wear....LOVED IT!

She had fun at school during theme week. I am glad that she gets to have fun stuff like makes her happy. She was so excited everyday to go and show her friends her outfit! We had fun with it too.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

6 Years!

K and I celebrated 6 years of marriage this month. I just love him more that I did when we got married! And I love our family. We talked about having a family before we got married, but I just never thought it would be as wonderful as it is. I love every minute that I spend with him....even if we are fighting. And we do fight, but one thing that is never gonna change is the love we have for each other! Happy Anniversary K. I am lucky to be your wife.....and I will say that you are pretty lucky too!

I cannot wait for the years to come!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Summer Fun!

So once again, it has been a while!  I am a slacker, what can I say?  But what I can say and show is that we have been having Summer Fun!  Here are some updated pictures of Chloe enjoying the pool this summer.  Another adorable suit if I do say so myself.  K and I just look at her daily and cannot believe how big she has gotten!  

One thing that has not changed this summer is that she still loves her tea set at the pool!  We cannot go to the pool without it.  

And it would not be a true day at the pool without sunglasses to keep the sun out of her eyes.

And she truly is starting to do everything K and I do. For instance, she was taking her mommy's picture at the pool! "Say Cheese Mommy!" and when she took it she would look eat the camera and say "I GOT IT MOMMY!"

Too cute for words!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Panama City 2009

Well....I was the kid that never got to go to Spring Break in Panama City!  I was the kid that did not get to walk to McDonald's after the movies.  I was the kid that was not able to see PG-13 movies until I was married and no longer under my mom's control!  So, Chloe is already ahead of the game......she had her first Panama City beach trip over the 4th of July, and loved it!  K was also the kid that never got to do fun stuff so we were laughing so hard calling it our "SUMMER BREAK 2009", except we are grown-ups and we don't get summer breaks!  For a minute we even considered getting tattoos, piercings, and airbrushed t-shirts that said "Heather and K together 4-ever!" But, we didn't! 

We had a brief beach trip, but it was a nice break.  Here are some pictures of my beach bum!

And here is K showing off as he is catching some waves!

Don't look too long ladies....he's mine!

K and I had so much fun playing with Chloe on the beach, BUT, I love the pool much better. I am not a fan of sand. Chloe is, so I sucked it up, but I prefer pool water, no sand with kids pee in it. Much cleaner!

We went out to eat at Sharkey's one night and Chloe kept saying "Daddy, shark not get me!" It was so sweet! Here are some pictures of her at Sharkey's.

And we ate at Margaritaville, and she got a balloon puppy made that she named "Rudy", which just so happens to be one of our dog's names.

Then Chloe picked out her car that she wants when she is 16, only she is not going to get it!

And guess what?? This day Chloe decided that she wanted to meet a shark! She loved him!

On the last day, K did not feel well at all and was not in one of his most pleasurable moods, but he did get out long enough to take Chloe to a dolphin show. Here she is waiting for the dolphins!

But the best part is that we had some professional pictures taken on the 4th. I will post a few here, but not many because I may use one for Christmas cards, or maybe presents for some family members!

Yep....we partied like Rock Stars!!