Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy 30th Kenny!

K is an old man now! Not really, but since I am still a young, vibrant, twentysomething I am just giving him a hard time. Guess who came to visit him on his birthday?

Chloe thought that it would be a "Great" idea to dress up like a princess on her daddy's birthday. As opposed to any other day when she dresses like a princess. I am not even going to tell you how many days a week she wears this dress at home. Okay, I will. Seven. Yep, seven. And sometimes she will change things up a bit, and wear a purple dress that she calls her "Jasmine Dress", but she always goes back to "Ole Faithful". Cinderella!

Before we left, Cinderella thought that it would be appropriate to take this picture of me.

Apparently it wasn't just her first day of school I looked large. Something has happened to my whole body, and I am just gonna call it unemployment!

Anyway, back to the Birthday. He turned 30. We did nothing. Pretty low-key day, and it was nice. That night we went out to dinner. It was raining so K dropped us off at the front door, and Chloe ran right in and wanted to pose for pictures! Funny Girl. So I took some of her!

Then K got it on the fun!

Can't you just see the excitement on his face!

We ate then the cake came. Not just any cake. K specifically requested a Cotton Candy ice cream cake from Maggie Moo's. He got it. Everyone ate it but me. I am just not a huge fan of SUPER SWEET cotton candy like flavors, but he sure it!

Thank Goodness he had a helper to blow out the candles!

And it looks like she liked the blue cake too!

As did the Birthday Boy!

We posed for one last picture before we headed out!

Happy Birthday K. We love you! Hope you had a fantastic day!

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Day of School!

Chloe started Pre-K this year and she is so excited. I thought that this may be an adjustment for her because she was starting some place new, and she was going to have to make new friends and meet new teachers.

I was wrong. She loves it. She loves everything about her new school. She loves her teachers most of all. She was SO excited to go that I had no problem getting her up and out the door in record time! Before we left for her first day of school she wanted to pose for some pictures outside!

I do not know if she was more excited to go to her new school that has Art Class, Spanish Class, Chapel, Library, Music Class, Gym Class, and many others, of if she was more excited to get to carry her lunchbox. You see, she has never carried a lunchbox because she always a provided lunch at daycare, so this is new to her. I asked her what she wanted me to pack for her first day of school and she said, "Ummmmm, I think.....I think.....prolly (probably) I will have a jelly sandwich and goldfish." So guess what? She got it. Baby wants lemons, baby gets lemons!

She was moving SO fast to get to Mrs. Oldfields class that it took some bribing for me to get some pictures of her when we finally got to her school, but she gave in! Here she is outside of DA.

Some friends were getting there the same time we were and we snapped each others pictures. And yes, I know I look about 475 pounds with flat hair in this picture. I have no idea what was going on!

Anyway, I starved myself the rest of the day! We then moved on to Mrs. Oldfields classroom where she let me take her picture again....

She took her puppy with her. Her puppy stays at school all week and she gets to bring him home on Friday. She came home and said, "Mommy, puppy just misses me so much!" She is so cute. This is the FIRST TIME EVER that she has gone to school/daycare WITHOUT her Dora pillow. For those of you that know us, her Dora pillow is her security blanket and she never sleeps without it. I thought that it was going to be major drama, but it wasn't. Does this mean that she is growing up? Surely not!

When she walked into class she didn't hesitate! She got out the toys and had a great time. But, she wanted to take my picture before I walked out of her room trying to compose myself.

And that smile right there is what makes me know that my choice to put her in this Pre-K program was the right one!

When I picked her up from school she said, "Ummmmmm......Mom, I think I will prolly have tomato soup in my lunch tomorrow!" And guess what? She got it!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Road Trip

Well, we decided to be spontaneous one Sunday morning. We wanted to do something fun with Chloe. I have been SO down in the dumps lately because of my job loss that it was nice to wake up and go have fun with my two favorite people. Where did we go??

Nope, not Sewanee, but we did stop there to take a picture for Uncle Patrick! I thought he may appreciate this. Sewanee was on our way, but not our final destination. After our short stop for a photo we got back in the car and headed to ROCK CITY!! Here is the princess as we arrived at Rock City.

When we entered Rock City she was determined that she was going to hold her "husbands" hand.

In case you were wondering, YES....Chloe and K did get her fantasy world! Speaking of, here are the lovebirds now!

I tell you what, Chloe loves her daddy. I have never in my life seen anything like it. In fact, I am not sure what he is going to do when she actually has a boyfriend. He is loving being her knight and shining armor!

Don't we look so cure in the See Rock City photo?

I have failed to mention how miserable hot it was outside. I was MISERABLE. Let me just say that I had sweat dripping in every single spot on my body. MISERABLE. But nothing was going to stop us from having fun. But it was time to re-hydrate. With Diet Mountain Dew. Because everyone knows that nothing quenches your thirst like carbonated, caffeinated beverages!

And for those of you who think I am a bad parent for giving her Diet Mountain Dew, oh well. Sorry! She like to enjoy the occassional taste of the greatest pleasure in all of beverage history! Actually that would be Diet Coke, but for this day it was Mountain Dew. Anyway, next up....

It was a GOOD thing that we chose the Diet drink, because I can honestly say that I do not know how some people fit throught there!

We made it to some waterfalls that were pretty K got to kiss the bride!

And we finally made it into a COOL cave where Chloe got to play in some water. I could have spent the rest of the day here because it was so cool! I actually stopped sweating and panting like a dog for 15 seconds!

The most exciting part of Rock City (besides the cold cave) was Fairyland Caverns. Chloe LOVED this part!

And the gnomes were a hit too, except she thought they were trolls!

We promised her some "diamonds" before we left Rock City, so here she is picking out her GORGEOUS diamonds!

Out trip was not over yet though, because we were headed to.....

What we did not know is that Ruby Falls is now a guided tour so we were in a group of people the entire time. But Chloe still had fun, and I was just concerned the enture time that she was going to pee in her pants! When we got inside the cave it was announced that there would be NO bathrooms until we were back at the beginning and that the guided tour was an hour long. I really did not have a plan as to what I was going to do when she said "I need to go potty, Mommy!" In fact, she did say this as soon as the guide made the announcement, but K and I ignored her!

Here are the "falls" at Ruby Falls! You cannot really see them, but they are behind us, I promise!

We were exhausted when we were done, but glad that we made the memories! We headed back home, and Chloe still loves her diamonds from Rock City!