Saturday, October 31, 2009


So we had lots of fun on Halloween. Did you? We had many stops to make before heading back home to trick-or-treat and pass out candy!

Here is the little pig on her way around town to show off her cuteness!

We headed out to MeMaw's, PawPaw's, and Granny's! Then we went to Rusty and Beth's. Lots of people...not much time!! We did stop to take a couple of pictures though to remember our piggy Halloween!

But once we got home, we set up camp outside! We were waiting for trick-or-treaters while telling Chloe every 0.5 seconds "NO cannot have anymore candy right now. Okay baby, this is the last piece! Do you hear me?" Really, I had that discussion like 765 times! Here she is waiting for the scary monsters!

I know that she does not look scared in that picture, but she was SCARED TO DEATH that some monster was going to come and get her!

It got a little cold, so K built us a fire, and we enjoyed the fire!

After that, we went trick-or-treating to a few houses in our neighborhood. I have no more pictures because I left my camera at home, but let me tell you, Chloe LOVED trick-or-treating. She was shy at first, but always said "Trick-Or-Treat Happy Halloween!" It was so precious. People would say "What a cute pig!" and Chloe would say, "NO, I not pig, I Chloe!"

When were were done knocking on doors Chloe's friend Annalee came over, and they played so hard! We went inside, and some trick-or-treaters came and took all of her candy out of her pumpkin! Can you believe that? There was a candy bowl outside, with candy in it. And there was Chloe's pumpkin, with her name on it! When I went outside later on to bring everything in, I noticed they had taken her candy. She still knows nothing about it! It is probably best, because I would have totally eaten it!

Well, Halloween's over. Next up....Thanksgiving. Tis the season!

An Apple a Day.....

Guess what we did on Halloween morning? We made caramel apples! Okay, let's be honest.....we tried to make caramel apples. I bought 2 bags of caramel, and I was sick of eating it piece by piece, so we just made them! And I had the perfect helper. There is just something so fun about Chloe helping me in the kitchen. She just has so much fun!

So here goes the apple making morning! Here are all of the ingredients...there are just so many of them!

I think Chloe's favorite part was unwrapping the caramels and putting them into the saucepan. She loved this. She would say "Mommy, you do one, and Chloe do one!"

Next up....popsicle sticks in apples. And Chloe chose to wave them around for extra flavoring!

And it seems that she may have snuck a piece or two of caramel in all the business of caramel apple making!

I'm not lying....caramel apple making is hard! Chloe and I both burned ourselves. I got to capture my wound on REALLY hurt, and if you can't see it, just imagine two huge blisters. Because they were huge....I promise. Just imagine putting your finger in HOT caramel, and being able to do NOTHING, because it was stuck on your finger!

Speaking of melted caramel, here is the little helper stirring the caramel. Once my finger was burned off I put her in charge! She did great until she put her hand on the hot burner. We are some awesome chefs!

Finally, it was time to dip and decorate the apples! HERE SHE GOES......

And we topped it off with some Halloween sprinkles!

We had so much fun, until we almost died! Maybe next year I will just eat all the caramels!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Candy is Dandy!

Three posts in one day...WOW! I am impressed with myself! What have we done now?

Well, we headed back to Chloe's school to have her Halloween party! All the parents signed up to bring something. Guess what we brought? If you read my blog last year, you should know!

JACK-O-LANTERN Fruit Cups! Chloe loved them. It was her "Punkin Fruit!"

Before we left the house we decided to go back outside and take a couple of pictures of her in her party outfit! I just love this on her!

Then we were off to the party. K went with us, as he always does, and he was the life of the party. Here is the party girl at the table with her friends waiting to get the party started!

And once she got her food she started chowing down on cupcakes, chips, fruit, cookies, and washed it down with a little bit of orange drink.....all while loving on her daddy! She was the only one there that had a daddy at the party so she thought that she was big stuff!

After the kids were done eating they all went over to the mat, with K and started dancing. One of Chloe's friends, Caitlyn, told K that he was her best friend! So sweet. Here is K entertaining the class while the teachers picked up. And let me tell you, Chloe was loving it!

He is such a good daddy! He was having just as much fun as Chloe was I think. When we left he said..."I really should open my own daycare, and hire people to change diapers!" Ha!!! I'm waiting to see what my paycheck is going to be for all the times that I have changed Chloe's diapers! I am just kidding. I don't mind, but I will be tickled to death when I don't have to anymore.

After the dance party Chloe got into the kitchen with her friend Caitlyn. Here they are! So cute.

Chloe has only been at this daycare for three weeks, and I was kinda worried about her adjusting. But...I would say that she is doing just fine!

Her class made a pumpkin and it was one of the winners for the Popcorn and Movie party. They sure are going to love that. here is the class pumpkin.

And....guess what??? I just KNEW her costume was a winner!! CHLOE WON THE COSTUME CONTEST!!!!

TWO years in a row baby!!! I think I may be a little crazy, but what can I say?? I love a good contest. And yes, all the other kids looked cute too.....but Chloe was cuter!

Trick or Treating on the Square

I am trying to stay up to date with all of the Halloween festivities around here, so while Chloe is sleeping I will update you on what has gone on so far this morning! Just a recap.....

I know I have already posted that picture, but I just love it. So.....Farmer K took her to daycare this morning because I was working. He called and said "Hey...I'm not really sure that they know that I am supposed to be a farmer. I think they just assume I am dressed for work!" Ha! I thought that was funny. I mean, a John Deere hat would look better, but we don't have one and we procrastinated, so I think he looks like a farmer, and so does Chloe!

When I arrived to her school at around 9:20, I realized that I did not have a memory card in my camera. I hate it when that happens! So needless to say, I have no pictures of her trick-or-treating with her friends at school. EXCEPT....I just remembered I snapped one with my cell phone. So excuse the quality.

After she was finished trick-or-treating at school we headed to The Square in Gallatin to meet Farmer K. He was going to go trick-or-treating with us at all the local businesses. Gallatin it is possible that they thought K was just dressed for work. But, me and Chloe knew better.

Here she is walking with her daddy to go get some candy!

Last year I took her to The Square and she really enjoyed it. Look what a difference a year makes!

And here is a close up of her from this year!

So far we are having a ton of fun! What's next? Wait and find out!!!

Sneak Peek!

So.....the fun weekend begins! This morning, at school, Chloe has her costume contest, pumpkin decorating contest, and trick- or-treating. This afternoon she has her party. And guess what? I will be present at all of those events!!

K took her to school this morning while I wrapped up my monthly work tasks and I will be shortly behind them. I wanted to post a couple of pictures for all five of you to see how cute she is!

And Farmer K had to get in on the action too!

And even though I am still in my pajamas with bed head, I was here!! This is just for historical purposes.....don't judge!

Stay tuned...there will be much more to come!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Playing in the Pumpkin Patch

Saturday was the Annual Pumpkin Patch breakfast and it started off rough! First of all, K did not have clean jeans, so decided to put on his jeans that were basically holding on by a thread. Actually he did have clean jeans, but because they were not hanging in front of him with a note that said "K, Wear these on Saturday to Pumpkin Patch", he did not think he had any!

So after that, we headed to Fairvue, and guess what? I forgot diaper bag, AND my camera. I was more concerned about my camera. K decided to go home and get it, and Chloe and I headed inside to eat. We were eating and having a big time, but then she spotted the pumpkin patch right outside. All she needed to do at that point was see her daddy, and get a pumpkin! K finally got there, with the camera, and the festivities began.

Before heading out to get a pumpkin, we stopped at the crafts table, and Chloe and K colored a fall picture.

Then she needed a spider tattoo. This tattoo lasted all of 30 minutes because she remembered that spiders were scary, and had to have it off immediately!

Then it was FINALLY time for her to go and get her pumpkin. She was so cute. She kept finding another one, and then another one. Here are some pictures of my princess in the pumpkin patch!

And here she is with her best friends!

She also loved the Mums in the pumpkin patch, and needed a flower. The nice man there cut a flower off for her, and she thought she was so special!

This is the pumpkin she chose! She said "Momma it's a beautiful pumpkin!"

Then it was time to go back inside and decorate her beautiful pumpkin. This was a job for Chloe and her daddy! Here they are working hard!

And here is the final project!

Well, she has added a little bit to the pumpkin now because she always says "I just need to checkin my punkin!", and then she moves a sticker or two! But hey, it is her pumpkin to decorate as she wants! So Cute!!