Monday, June 23, 2008

What can I say? She is a genius!

Well....all of you who laughed at me about buying the potty, guess what???  She pee pee'd in the big girl potty last night!  I was totally not expecting it, BUT when I was getting her ready for the bath tub she decided she needed to go.  She hopped on the potty, I picked her up to put her in the bath tub, and then I realized it.  SHE DID IT!!  I yelled at K to come downstairs, and we did cheers for her.  She just looked at us as smiled so big!  But tonight, that was a different story.  Oh well, last night she was feeling it, tonight she was not!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just out for a Saturday morning drive.....

Saturday morning, Chloe slept in, and so did I.  At 8:45 she decided to grace me with her presence, and we decided to go outside and play in her car.  It felt great outside, and Chloe had a blast driving.  She learned how to drive it by herself, so she no longer needs me behind her pushing her.  Kenny charged it up, and she went driving.  Here she is in her pink convertible.  

When she started having car troubles, she got out, looked around, and started pushing her car to the nearest service station....which in her case, was her momma!

Once she was back up and running, she was happy, and until her very first fender bender. It was a good thing she just hit her momma's car, because she in uninsured! And, thankfully, uninjured!!

After a stalled car, a wreck, and the temperatures rising, she decided to drive back into the garage. K cleaned out the garage so that she could park her car. He even put the mattresses up against the wall so that Chloe could drive into the wall without damages. I cannot believe she is already driving! Does this mean that she is going to want a convertible when she is 16? I would hate for her to downgrade!!!

Friday Night Fun!

Just like her mommy and daddy, Chloe is a HUGE fan of Ice Cream. And...because our friend Kerry owns the local Maggie Moo's, that is our favorite. We decided to go and get some ice cream, and have our friends Ben, Ashley, and Annalee over an ice cream party! They were coming over around 7, so about 6:30, Chloe and I went downstairs to get the party started. We stood in the kitchen, and danced to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", and set everything up the way Chloe wanted it! (Or the way her momma wanted it....but whatever!) Chloe helped me pick out the flavors from Maggie Moo's first. We went with Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Better Batter (my personal favorite), and Cotton Candy (which screams K's name whenever he is around!). When it was time to set up for the party, we had to unload the freezer.

She did not quite understand that we had to wait for our guests to get to our house before she could dig in. She just wanted to sample each flavor to make sure they were okay for everyone else to eat. She was doing it as a courtesy to all of us.

Once we were all set up, this is what the pre-party looked like. Lots, of toppings, lots of ice cream, M&M's, and pretty pink napkins with Chloe's initials!

And did I mention the adorable outfit Chloe was wearing, just to look good at her very own Ice Cream Party??

When Annalee got to the house, the party started, and the two sweet girls had tons of fun eating ice cream together. Chloe's choice of the night was Vanilla with Rainbow Sprinkles!

I guess what they say is true......"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Big Girl Potty!

Okay, before the two people that read this start laughing at me, I KNOW that Chloe is not old enough to potty train.  But, she is old enough to introduce to a potty!  Today, I went to Wal-Mart to buy her a BIG GIRL POTTY, and let me tell you......she loves it!  She loves to sit on it, she loves to open the lid, and shut the lid, and then repeat for the next thirty minutes!  I have decided to just set it in the bathroom, so that we she sees me go potty, she may get the idea.  All I know is that it cannot hurt...the sooner the better.  So, tonight before she got in the bath, and I got her undressed she sat on the potty.  She was reaching for the toilet paper, and I gave her some.  Would you believe that she wiped herself, like she had just gone potty.  It was so funny.  I mean, she did not got potty in the big girl potty, but she knew what to do with the toilet paper!  So when I picked her up and put her in the bath, she went pee pee immediately.  I should have left her on the potty and put her hand in hot water!  So, although we are not actively potty training Chloe, we are introducing her to a pretty pink potty!  And she loves it!

Still Having Fun in the Sun!

After a week and a half with no pool......she is back, and loving it more that ever!  We took Chloe to the pool on Monday, and she had a temper tantrum when we had to get out due to thunder.  She has missed the swimming pool so much, and I promise to make sure she gets there more frequently for the rest of the summer!

Happy Father's Day....2 days late!

I know, I am late on this post, but I had a very busy weekend.  I just wanted to say Happy Father's Day to K because he is the best daddy in the world!  Chloe and I were in Memphis this past weekend, because I was in a wedding, but we made it back in time to see Daddy and cook out dinner with him!  Chloe was so excited to get home!  This is what we made K this year for Father's Day.  We stuck to a grill theme!

So here are some things that I love about K in his favorite role as a daddy:
1) I love the way he wants to be with her at all times!
2) I love the way that he can take care of her when I am away on business, and I do not have to worry about her well-being.
3) I love the way that he plays with her every night until she goes to bed.
4) I love the way that he has memorized the song to "Dora the Explorer" because she loves Dora.
5) I love the fact that he never wants to miss a "first" with her.
6) I love the way that he recognizes how precious she is.
7) I love the way that he BEGS for her to sleep with us at night.......I may love it, but do not allow it!
8) I love the way that every where we go people recognize what an amazing father he is.
9) I love the fact that he may not love, but will change diapers.
10) I love that he loves her mom. And someday, she will love that too!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY K! We Love You! And, Chloe will be so proud to call you her daddy when she gets older.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Good 'Ol Family Reunion

So while I was in San Diego, K texted me to tell me that were were going to a family reunion.  It caught me by surprise because I have only met this side of the family once in nine years!  Even was in Ashland City.  Oh, what a place.  Apparently K's "kin folk" are from Ashland City, hence the location.  It was a good time.  Chloe did not hesitate to go and play with the big kids, and we did not hesitate to eat a bunch of home cookin'.

You can definitely tell whose side of the family it is.....they all look alike!  All I can think is that K will be a different man in 15 years.  I will still love him though!  Here, see for yourself!

We decided that Chloe would make that picture much cuter.....

And, here is Ted with all of his biological great grandkids.

And of course we took a picture with a bunch of people we do not know, because that is what you do at a family reunion.

Last but not least, here I am with my two favorite people.

And, as much as I hate to admit this, here is baby girl with her favorite person!

And K's white T-shirt......that is the look he was going for!  It was suitable for the Ashland City reunion!

We're Back....

I know, I know it has been a while since I have posted.  For one, I have been busy, and for two....just plain lazy.  I was in San Diego last week for training, and when I got home, work took over me!  So yes, we have been swimming recently, and I will post a few pictures to show some fun that we have had at the pool.  Next week, I will get back into the swing of things.  Oh yeah, stay tuned because the day after I returned from San Diego, we attended a Family Reunion, and yes, I have pictures to post!

We decided to take her Rubber Duckies to the swimming pool because another baby had his there, and Chloe could not concentrate on anything BUT his ducks.  Needless to say, his momma needs to teach him to share, because he was not willing to let her play with them.

There is nothing like getting a poolside back massage by your baby!  She just loves to pamper me!!

She just loves the camera!