Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Soccer Star!

Well, we had our first soccer game! It was something, to say the least. Look how cute Chloe looks before her soccer game.

She looks like she is ready to play soccer doesn't she! We got there, and she still looked ready to play!

She was even watching the other games to get in her head what she needed to do!

But then Kinley got there, and she found other things to do.....

Needless to say, they were not starters! Here are the little bench warmers with K on the sidelines.

But then it was her turn to get in the game and show us what she's made of. And that lasted maybe 1.5 seconds. I will admit, I thought she may play. I mean she looked good. Here she was. I snapped as many pictures as I could in that 1.5 seconds.

And then she needed a water break. I would be lying to you if I said I was not frustrated. I really thought she was gonna play.

From that point on she was waving flags or being held by her daddy! Her favorite thing at the game was the flags. She stood there screaming "GO TITANS GO!" I loved it, because I love cheerleading. Who knows, maybe one day she will too!

And K just couldn't resist holding her. Forget coaching, he would rather hold his soccer star!

I thought he was gonna be frustrated, but he wasn't. Even though we got killed a whole lot to nothing. But who's keeping score? I would have been if my kid was playing!

And we could not leave our first soccer game without a family picture!

A couple days after the game we went to get ice cream, and Chloe said from the back seat, "Daddy, don't forget you star." K and I did not know what she was talking about and K said, "What baby?", and Chloe responded, "Don't forget your soccer star!"

And that right there made it all worthwhile. She thinks she's playing and that is all that matters. She is our soccer star. Now when she is older, it will be time to get serious!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day at the Farm

Our Sunday School class had the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Elrod Farm, and Chloe had so much fun! K was not there because he had made plans to play paintball before this was scheduled, but Chloe and I had so much fun.

I cannot believe that it is almost Easter. We were told to bring snacks, drinks, chairs, blankets, rubber boots so the kids could play in creek, ride-on toys if we had them. So we LOADED up and headed to the farm.

Chloe fell asleep about 5 minutes before we arrived, and she stayed in the car for about 30 minutes until Annalee got there and wanted me to wake her up!

Here is Chloe with her boots on ready to head to the creek.

Chloe and Annalee took off running towards the creek.

And then it was time to collect rocks and throw rocks into the water.

After that it was time to break out the vehicles! I realized after the fact that this was not going to be a good idea because it is Chloe's car and she does not understand that she had to share with everyone! She thought they should just have to take turns letting her drive them around! But she did well sharing....finally!

The eggs were hidden, and it was time for the hint. I think Chloe thought she could drive to each egg and get them quicker!

But she was just driving to the lineup.

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!!!

After the hunt, we hopped on the hayride for some more fun.

During the hayride we stopped to see some cows. Chloe loved them! She was feeding them and talking to them. It was so cute.

We had a fun day at the farm. I hope we can go back soon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope that you were green. I did, but was more noticeable on me were the bags under my eyes!! Why? Well, because one f the mom's (and directors) at Chloe's daycare challenged me to a little contest. Who can make the cutest treats for the St. Patrick's Day party?? And I had to win. Plain and simple!

I had actually already made it up in my mind that I was going to BUY some cookies, not make. But, the challenge was not who could buy the cutest, it was who could make the cutest. So here it goes. Let me start by saying that I was already exhausted. I had searched and searched online for something cute and easy to make, but there was nothing. Nothing! And then at 6PM the night before I found it.

I was going to make 2 different types of cookies. Shamrocks, that were all decorated similar, but not the same. And Rainbow cookies. I thought it was a brilliant plan until I saw that when I made the dough it had to chill for 2 hours! But hey, this was a contest. For those of you who do not know what rainbow cookies are, you have to make the dough separately and color each portion!

Like this....

Looks like Play-Do! After it is chilled you make your rainbows and bake!

Cute, but exhausting!

While the dough was chilling, I got all my supplies ready to decorate my shamrock cookies.

And here they are all decorated.....

When they all cooled it was time to package them up and tie a bow around them! I thought if I put a festive bow in them, it would give me the edge in the competition!

Then it was time to pick out some clothes because "Picture Day" was the same day! This is what we decided on, because Chloe wanted to wear her brown shoes, and I was not gonna fight about that. I knew she could wear something cute with them! Don't worry, she changed into something green and her Keds after her pictures!

Don't you think she looks cute?

Anyway, here are some pictures of the party.

And in case you are wondering, here was my competition! They were yummy!

Hope everyone had a fun St. Patrick's Day and did not get pinched!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bad News Bears!

Well, Chloe got beat up at school today. Bless her heart. This has happened once before at our last daycare, but it has been a while. We hoped it would not happen again! But, it did.

SO....this is how it all played out. I got to daycare to get Chloe this afternoon. Mrs. Maghen looked at me and said, "I have some bad news." I replied, "What?" Before Mrs. Maghen could even answer, Chloe said "Grant pushed me against the trash can, on the floor and put his hands on my neck." And if you know Chloe, you know that she is VERY dramatic.

So I just kissed her and went to talk to the teacher. Apparently, Chloe was definitely not being over dramatic. Mrs. Maghen told me that Grant (except she did not tell me who did it, she is not allowed to. Chloe told me who did it.) pushed Chloe onto the floor, and got on top of her with both of his hands around her neck, choking her. It broke my heart.

The teachers said she had a really bad red mark because he was apparently squeezing hard, but that she was more frightened than anything. He only had her for a second.

In fact, she was SO SCARED that another teacher had to come and get her out of the room until she calmed down. Chloe then told Miss Nikki that ice would make her better, and they got her ice. This is the second time that this little boy has done this in two weeks. Last week he hurt another kid, and this week Chloe. He may be finding himself a new daycare soon.

Right now we just have to hope that this is not the type of behavior he is seeing at home.

Chloe is okay, just kinda clingy at the moment, but she is fine. Bless her sweet heart!

Soccer Sprints!

Yep, she is still playing soccer. Here she is getting her warm up in. It was cold!

I wish I had her energy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Soccer Star

Soccer season has started. I can honestly speak for K and myself when I say "We know nothing about soccer!" HaHa! But what I do know is that Chloe is the cutest soccer player I have ever seen, and yes, I do know that I am biased!

And do you think that this guy is proud?

I think so! We got to practice too early, and we have learned our lesson. SHOW UP WHEN IT STARTS....not early. Twenty minutes before practice this is what Chloe did!

I think she may have worn her little legs out! And speaking of little legs, how cute is this?

But then her friend got there! And they stopped playing for a minute to pose for some pictures!

Then it was huddle time!

And then time to work on some drills!

After all that hard work she needed a short rest!

After she caught her breath it was back to hustling! They were practicing kicking the ball down the field.


When practice was over she was so tired! She had fun though. K was a tiny bit frustrated because he thinks she "lacks" soccer skills, but I had to remind him over and over again that she is 3. There are boys on the team that are 5 1/2. That is a HUGE age differnce, and quite frankly, I do not think that is fair! But that is just me, a soccer mom, talking!!

I will update with soccer progress regularly!