Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Queen of the Court

In case you are not aware, I began learning how to play tennis last year. I am not that great, but it is fun! I never thought that I would say those words, but it is a lot of FUN!!

Guess who else likes to play? Our very own Serena Williams in the making....

Doesn't she look precious in her tennis outfit? You know what makes it even better.....she thinks she is awesome at tennis!!!

Who knows, maybe one day we can play together. However, like her momma, she needs a snack afterwards. So we went into the clubhouse to get her some water, and what did she come out with????

Yep, POPCORN!! I totally understand, I need a snack after playing too!

Just Me and My Daddy!

For those of you who do not know or haven't been able to figure this out, Chloe is a DADDY'S GIRL. Don't misunderstand me, she has her days when she is all about me, but for the most part she wants to be with her daddy, and I am a proud mommy that loves to watch the two of them together. I guess that most daughters have this type of relationship with their daddy, but it is so neat to see it in my own little family.

Chloe is so lucky to have a daddy that loves to spend time with her, too. I am very lucky to have a husband that co-parents with me! He loves his title as "Daddy!"

He decided one day when we were driving home from church to take Chloe exploring in a field near out house. Keep in mind that this was a "No Trespassing" field. He did not care though....that was just a minor detail, and the two of them were going exploring. She thought that she was "Dora the Explorer!" When we got home she curried around the house as quickly as possible and asked me a thousand times, "Mommy, can you help me find my exploring clothes?" This was a surprise to me because to my knowledge we did not own exploring clothes. We got her dressed, got her a backpack packed with the essentials: Fruit Snacks, Oreos, and Water, and off the two of them went!

She found sticks....

She went hiking....with her stick! Everyone needs a walking stick when they are exploring!

She found a "pond", which looks for to me like muddy waters...but I guess she is a "glass half full" kind of girl!

After all that playing with a stick in the pond the little princess was hungry and thirsty. So...she did what every natural born explorer does and found a spot under a tree!

And just look at the view she had!

Who wouldn't want to stare at that muddy water in awe! All that mattered is that this little girl was having the time of her life with her daddy!

After she was replenished, it was time to go back and play in the pond!

I mean, look at the smile on this kids face!

All in all, I would say that she had the "BEST DAY EVER!!!"

Wouldn't you agree??

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break Part 2

Next on Chloe's list for Spring Break, after Chuck-E-Cheese, was feeding the ducks, and getting a manicure/pedicure. It started out with just going to Chuck-E-Cheese, but when that was over, she had to add more to her list, naturally. She said "Mommy, my nails are just crazy! I need a pedicure." Seriously, those were her exact words...she knows what she needs, and I understand that feeling!

And as I have said before a thousand times....Baby wants lemons, Baby gets lemons! (Unless she TOTALLY misbehaves! I do not reward bad behavior!)

We met our sweet friends Aiden and Michelle at the park to play and feed the ducks! How sweet are these two?

They were not too into taking pictures, they had things to do. After the bread was gone, we headed to the playground to have some more fun. Chloe did not understand why the ducks were not very hungry. I tried to explain to her that 100 kids throwing an entire loaf of bread in the lake was probably the reason they were full, but that was not good enough for her!

After the park we headed to get manis/pedis. I decided...WHAT THE HECK!! I may as well have some Spring Break fun too, so I joined her. She was loving it!

Soak those feet baby!

No wonder she loves this...movies, massage, and relaxation. PURE BLISS :)

And, I did not time it, but I am pretty sure she let her nails dry for about 45 minutes. She did not want to take a chance of messing them up!

I loved today!! All I need now is an airbrushed T-Shirt that says SPRING BREAK 2011 with Palm Trees and a sunset in the background!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day 2011

I love St. Patrick's Day....I always have. I always wore green, because I did not want to get pinched. I do not understand why people cannot pull our one tiny thing green in there closet just to throw on and be festive. I even wore a green Tennis outfit at my clinic today.

Let me tell you who was the most festive of all....Chloe. Who was she wearing, you ask? Lolly Wolly Doodle. How stingking cute is this??

And here she is modeling it ladies and gentleman!! Working the runway...or staircase!

How could you not have a Happy St. Patrick's Day when you are with this sweet girl? Hope everyone had a great day like we did! Don't get pinched :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


Just my is Spring Break, and all Chloe wants to do is go to Chuck-E-Cheese! HA!! I remember the days when it was called Showbiz, and on Spring Break we did not go there, we got airbrushed T-Shirts and did other ride go carts, and go to Cheerleading Practice!

Anyway...this was the start to Chloe's Spring Break!

Does she not look excited? i wonder if I used to get that excited about Showbiz? Furthermore, I wish that I could still get that excited, but I guess in a way I was....I mean look at that smile! How could I not be excited?

There were games to be played! And, I feel certain K was having just as much fun as she was.

Various things to ride....My personal favorite is Chloe riding the horse. I can just picture her in the Kentucky Derby one day! Okay, I got carried away. I can picture her AT the Kentucky Derby, with an adorable BCBG Dress, and a fabulous hat!

Then there were the tickets to be won. Everyone knows that you can get A LOT of loot from Chuck-E-Cheese!

Pizza came...and someone took a piece so fast that I did not have time to snap a picture!

Wonder who could have done that?

They even had LIVE entertainment...yes you read correctly....LIVE ENTERTAINMENT!!!!

I know that you probably think that we were going to leave when all that fun was completed...but what you failed to remember was the PICTURE BOOTH!!!!

And with that, our night out was complete. And I joke, but with the three of us together, we had a blast! And I would do it again tomorrow.