Monday, May 25, 2009

Miss America

I hope that everyone had a fun Memorial Day Weekend. I know that we did. Busy, but fun!! We started the weekend off partying on Friday, and continued until Monday night. Chloe has such the social calendar. She keeps us busy.

On Friday Night the swimming pool opened, and we all had a blast. Chloe was SO excited all week to go to the "Nimmin Pool." She kept saying "Nimmin Pool Mommy!" So when Friday was here, I was so excited for her. This is typically when I would post a picture of the fun times we were having on Friday night, BUT, being the wonderful mommy that I am I forgot my camera. Needless to say, K was not willing to turn around and go get it for me!! So.......just imagine a bathing beauty in a yellow polka dot bathing suit! She was adorable!!

BUT.....DO NOT WORRY!! I did not forget my camera the rest of the weekend. She has so much fun at the pool, and I just love taking her. Everyone that knows me knows that there is nothing I love more that seeing my baby at the pool in a cute bathing suit! K is so funny because every time he sees me tearing tags off bathing suits he says "WHY DID YOU BUY A NEW ONE?? LAST YEAR'S WERE FINE!!!" I just look at him and smile and nicely remind him that Chloe is a different size than she was last year....she has NEVER been this size, so she will have a lot of new things! Lucky her!! she is! These are some pictures from Saturday.

One of Chloe's favorite things to do at the pool is t have a tea party. She loves to fill her cups up and pour them into the big tea pot, and onto the plates! It is so cute. When there are other kids there she has tea parties with them. She loves to share with them.....she just does not like them taking her tea party dishes to other places in the pool.

On Monday we were back at the pool. And let me just say that this is her cutest bathing suit of the summer. Be ready to see lots of pictures of her in this bathing suit! I love it!!!

Isn't she just amazing?? I mean I just love her to death! She is such a happy baby! (And yes, she is still a baby!!) We stayed at the pool a majority of the day playing! Here are some more pictures of Chloe's day at the pool.

And just to prove how wonderful of a mother I am, check out her sunburn that I let her get on Saturday. I felt so bad because I did not put sunscreen on her. We were at the pool longer than I had expected and I did not intend on letting her burn! It did not bother her a bit though, and now it is a pretty shade of tan!

And then it was nap time and we headed home. Chloe was exhausted!!

After nap we headed to another party....once again, NO PICTURES!!! We had a great time though!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Blog Break

So I officially took a one month blog break, and everyday I said that I needed to update my blog, I was just too tired.  So this is what I am going to do.  I am going to update my blog from the past month, and then I am going to commit to updating it once a week from this point on.  I can't do it everyday now, so just count on me updating once a week!  I am going to start posting in order of what has happened the last month, so scroll down and check it out!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Alumni Game 2009

Every year Hendersonville High School has an Alumni football game for all the old players to come back and be reminded of how old they really are! K has been out of high school for 10 years, so needless to say, he was struggling after the game. In fact, he was struggling a week after the game!! And no, it is not tackle football, it is touch football. It is so funny watching these guys think that they are in tip top shape and then begging for water after the first play! I mean back in high school they were star players!! So here are some pictures from the Alumni Game. Chloe was so excited to cheer her daddy on.

Chloe had to take her 'Pom Poms" so that she could yell "Go Daddy!"

Let the action begin.......

By the way, K hold records at HHS, and he is taken! He is all mine!! Chloe was so excited that she thought that she needed a football to play with since K had one. She did not understand why she could not run out to the field and throw it to him. She got to play with the Coaches kids though, and had a blast. (And I have no idea why this section has a hyperlink!)

And after the game she could not wait to go and hug her daddy! He was the best player out there!

And she was wiped out as soon as she got into the car from all the cheering and playing that she did!

And here is a picture of the Alumni and all their glory!

Good Game K!