Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Back in March, my best friend and her mom came to visit me and help me decorate my house.  I have never posted pictured of my house since it has been decorated.  I do realize that most of you will not care about this, but my family will like to see my newly decorated house.  Some of them have never seen my house, so if you are not interested....SORRY!!

Here is my kitchen! This is where all of our home cooked meals are prepared.

Here is the living room, we never really sit in this room, but it looks pretty, I think.

The dining room is one of my favorite rooms, and I can promise you that I have only eaten 2 meals in this room!

Here is my bathroom. When I was building my house all I cared about was having a big kitchen, and a big bathroom. I love my bathroom!

I do not have any pictures of my bedroom, but I do have a picture of the sitting room in my bedroom. Obviously the bed was not made when these pictures were taken, and it is not made right now, or I would go downstairs and take one.

This is my foyer. This is what everyone sees when they walk into my house. The grandfather clock was K's parents, and we were fortunate enough to have it passed on to us.

And last but not least, here is where we spend 95% of our time. The bonus room. This is the only room that K really cares about.

I do not have pictures of the office, and the other bedrooms and bathrooms. These are the rooms that we focused on during our decorating extravaganza.

By the way, we can't wait to see you when you get home K!

TuTu Sassy

Chloe has definitely been showing her sassy side this week.  Some of it is adorable, and some of it is frightening!!  Tonight, after we did a little shopping, we went to get some Mexican food (we both love cheese quesadillas), and then we bathed, played, and hit the bed.  After her bath, she discovered the tutu that has been in her room since February.  I am not sure why she just now discovered it, but she did, and decided she HAD to put it on.  After she struggled for a minute trying to get it on, I helped her out, and she headed to her toys in my bedroom.  This is what she walked out with!

I could not help but to put my princess on the steps, and she definitely felt the mood to pose for a picture. When we headed upstairs she found her Rock-N-Sheep, and decided to go for a ride. She has loved this sheep since she was like 9 months old!

After her joy ride on the sheep, she decided to put on a show for me with her pom poms. I loved watching her with those pom poms! She loves to shake them in the air.

"TWO BITS, FOUR BITS, SIX BITS A DOLLAR.....All for CHLOE stand up and holler!"

And then it was bedtime. I tried to get the tutu off of her, and I failed. But hey, if she needs to feel like royalty when she sleeps, so be it!  

Don't talk about her pacifier people! She loves to go to sleep at night with it. I do not let her have it any other time of the day, just bed time. So all you people that had their kids potty trained by 12 months, taught their kids a second language by 18 months, and basically have perfect kids........GOOD FOR YOU! I am going to let my baby have her pacifier for a little bit longer if it makes her happy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Water Princess

I found the most adorable bathing suit for Chloe yesterday.  It was marked down to $11 and I had to have it for her.  She looks like an angel in it! 

We went swimming today when I got off work, and had a blast.  Here she is playing in the water in her new bathing suit.

Isn't she beautiful? My personal favorite one is when she is looking at her belly!

After we were finished swimming, she decided to go and walk around Fairvue and smell flowers, and look at the fountain. I just followed right behind her with the camera snapping shots of her. I love to watch her as she goes exploring things that she has not seen before. I love the fact that she gets excited when she sees something new to her!

Then we made our way to the rocking chairs! She was not sure what to think about these, and to be honest, I was a bit freaked out she was going to fall out of it while I was trying to take her picture.

We had a great day.....UNTIL we had to leave because she was in desperate need of a nap. This is her right before her temper tantrum.

Yes, she got over it. And then we ended our night by going to Chick-fil-A with some friends.

And now she is sleeping soundly in her bed!

The Harderst Day Ever!

Chloe had a hard day yesterday!  I went to pick her up from daycare, and I had to sign an accident report.  Guess what happened??Someone bit her.  It did not break the skin, but it definitely left a mouth imprint on her sweet, soft, little arm!  The teachers would not tell me who did it, but I have a suspicion that it was Sydnee!  Her parents need to teach her not to bite!  I am just kidding.  Just because I said that, tomorrow Chloe will bite someone. Here she is after we got home, and she got away from the dangerous children at daycare. She was back to her old mischievous ways.

 We had to go to the funeral home last night, and Chloe was SO good!  I really think that it was the best she has ever been out in public.  When we left there, we went to eat with Ben and Ashley at a place called Hollywood's in White House.  Chloe decided that she wanted to be like the big people and drink out of a straw!  She is such a big girl.

Day at the Spa!

Well...I am sorry there has been a delay on posting about our day at the spa.  Needless to say, I loved it, K....not so much.  I am not sure how someone could not love the spa, but he said that he was not comfortable with someone rubbing all over him.  Fair enough!  I will just have to force myself to go enough for the both of us!  I am a bit ashamed because all I got were these pictures.

I am not sure what finger K is holding up under that mitten, but I am assured that it is a silky smooth finger because of the paraffin wax he was very much enjoying at the time of this picture.

We had a great time.  After the spa, we when to Stoney River, and devoured a huge meal within 30 minutes, and then headed to pick up Chloe. Chloe was headed to the high school with K's parents, so when we got there we decided to participate in the silent auction. While I was bidding, Chloe decided to play in the gym. Here she is having a great time in her Daddy's high school!

The dancers came in the gym and started a little cheer, and Chloe stopped dead in her tracks, and started clapping with them! It was so cute. Who knows, maybe we have a little dancer in the making!?!?!?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

5 Years Ago.....

I married my Best Friend!  K and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary today!  Here are some pictures of us 5 years ago.  We are going to the spa and out to eat so I will update the blog later about our day!

Isn't my dress pretty?? It was my friend Jessica's!  Go over and tell her Hi!

Happy Anniversary K! I Love You!