Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Rockettes

We got some free tickets to go and see the Rockettes this year, and Chloe was so excited. She was practicing her Rockettes high kicks leading up to the night. I guess she thought she was a Rockette, who knows! But...we let her think it, and applaused her kicks. They actually were not that bad! I was impressed.

We got to the Opryland Hotel early so that we could eat, and I could get some pictures. Here are a few to kick off the Christmas Season!

When we walked into the Grand Ole Opry House to find our seats, we were so excited to see that we had the VERY FRONT ROW!!! Can you believe it? Free tickets AND THE VERY FRONT ROW!!! Look who is excited?

Here she is in front of the stage before the show started!

Chloe loved the Rockettes and has now decided she wants to be a Rockette! We had a great time. What a great start to a busy Holiday Season!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

I love my house decorated for Christmas! I love everything about it, except when I have to start putting it up! I hate that task.

Here are some pictures of my house this year!

Starting with the basket of goodies in my kitchen. I have this every single year. To me, it just looks festive. I added the painted wreath in there because Chloe made that for me last year at daycare, and I did not really know where to put it, so this is its new holiday home!

Chloe's apron is proudly displayed for all of her holiday cooking/baking. She is my biggest helper in the kitchen.

I made this plate before Chloe's first Christmas, and we have set it out every year. Last year was the first time she actually grasped the concept of leaving cookies for Santa, so I know she will love it this year.

A couple more knick knacks.....

Here is our tree this year. I just love it. It is so pretty!

My mantle....Excuse the castle and pony in the picture! Someone had not finished cleaning up her toys!

Any my steps!

What I love most this year is Chloe's tree. We had SO much fun putting her ornaments on. She moves them everyday, and just is in awe of her tree!

I cannot believe how close to Christmas we are. So much to do....such little time!