Monday, July 5, 2010

Chloe's Dance Recital

As Promised.....

Isn't she a doll!

Fountains at "The Streets"

We have a great little shopping center in Hendersonville that we just love to spend time at. One of the best things about it is the Fountains that are in the center! So many kids gather there each day to play and play! It is such a great town we live in, and I really love raising Chloe here! Here is some pictures of Chloe having the time of her life at the Fountains! She is one happy little girl!!

We are having such a great summer!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 4th of July! We have had such a fun, and busy weekend! This morning Chloe got to wear her patriotic dress to church and she wanted to go outside before church and get some pictures!

We spent some time at the pool and just resting at home the rest of the day. That night we had some friends over, and grilled out. Chloe and Annalee got to make their own ice cream sundaes and they loved it!

After dinner and ice cream sundaes we headed outside to do an American tradition.....FIREWORKS!! Obviously, Chloe was very excited. Her and Annalee waited patiently for their stuff to be ready!

Ashley and Lesley watched and enjoyed....

And......HERE THEY GO!!!!

And here is K with his Roman Candles! He is always going to be a kid at heart!

Chloe also discovered her love for the Snap you think she looks excited??

I think she looks so funny in that picture!! She was having SO MUCH FUN!!

Here is the "Men" getting ready for the big fireworks!

And then they would run away and watch!

Here are the girls clapping for their daddy's!

And then the crazy girls wanted to make funny faces! I just love watching these best friends together!

I wonder if Chloe and Annalee will always be Best Friends? They sure do have fun with one another!

And here is her other Best Friends!

What a Fun 4th!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Little Sparkler

Chloe got do do her very own Sparklers this year. She was so excited about going to the Fireworks tent and buying her own Sparklers. Here she is SO happy!

And when we got home she did not even want to wait until it got a little bit darker....

It's gonna be a Fireworks-filled weekend!

Just Another Day at the Pool!

We have spent so much time at the pool this summer! But, I did take a minute to snap a few pictures of Chloe at the pool during the 4th of July Weekend!

This is what K spends most of his time doing while we are at the pool. He rarely comes with us but when he does he is sleeping or complaining! I have never met someone that does not like the pool...but WHATEVER!! I am sure when Chloe is doing flips off the diving board he will right there with her!

Look at this sweet face!

Chloe did decide to go climb up in her chair so that she cpuld lay out with her daddy! I thought that this was going to last for at least 5 minutes so that I could rest, but I think it lasted more like 5 seconds!

The it was time for Chloe to have a tea party with her friends, so that was my time to get some sun!! Thank goodness for friends!

There was a HUGE water slide set up at the pool and we did not think that Chloe would want to go down, but she saw Miss Sarah and decided that she would let Miss Sarah take her to the top. K and I thought that Miss Sarah was going to go down with Chloe, but she didn't! Here is Chloe on her way to the top.....
And here she is right before Miss Sarah gives her a push!

I have no other pictures of that slide because I thought we were going to have to catch her when she went flying off the side! Chloe went FLYING and then she got some air! At one point I am pretty sure she did a back flip. Needless to day, she was not to interested in going again!

This is how she spent the rest of the afternoon!

Happy Times!

Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July Parade

I just love Chloe's school! They have so many fun activities, and I love to go to all of them when I can! Fortunately, I could go to the parade. It was so cute. And, Chloe was so excited because I was going to go to school and the parade with her!

Since it was the "Red, White, and Blue" parade we were instructed to wear those colors. Even if we were not told to, Chloe was going to because look how cute her outfit is!

I dropped her off that morning so that they could get ready! When I came back a couple hours later the parking lot was decorated, and the Patriotic music was blaring.

When the kids started walking out they had their self-decorated hats on, and Chloe was wearing a huge smile. She spotted me and came running to give me a hug and a kiss!

Before the parade started they faced the flag and said the Pledge of Allegiance, and sang the National Anthem. Let's be real, the teachers really did this, but Chloe did look cute standing there with her hand over her heart...and smiling for a picture.

Then her and Miss Nikki started marching in the parade....

On the second lap around I got her to stop in front of the flag and pose for a picture! This was easy because the flag matched her shirt, and everyone knows that Chloe LOVES a match!

After the parade she sat on the curb with her friends, and waited patiently for a popsicle!

She was not crazy about having to wait for her popsicle because at home it seems like she snaps her fingers and K and I tend to her every want and need. We really need to do something about this, she is like our employer! But she was all smiles when she did get her popsicle!

Before we left I got her picture with Miss Nikki, and Miss Brittany. She loves her teachers so much! We are going to miss them when Chloe changes schools in August.

It is starting off to be a great 4th of July Weekend!