Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Story

Chloe's class put on a Thanksgiving Story play at her school. K and I attended, but did not hold out much hope that she would say her line. Chloe's line was "I WISH THE BOAT WOULD STOP!" We practiced and practiced with her. I will just go ahead and admit that when I would go and check on her and kiss her before I went to bed, I would whisper in her ear, "What is your Thanksgiving Story line?" Nine times out of ten she would whisper back in the sweetest voice, "I wish the boat would stop!" Yes....she knew it even in her sleep!

When we walked into the classroom we saw our little pilgrim standing on the Mayflower with some of her friends.

Chloe was the second pilgrim to step foot on America.

The pilgrims suffered a cold Winter with a lot of snow. Here she is throwing her snow! I think that this may have been her favorite part.

After the play we took her to the cafeteria where we had a Thanksgiving Dinner with Chloe.

And here she is with her Daddy eating Thanksgiving Dinner.

I am so Thankful for these two! Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We Are So Thankful, So Very Thankful

Chloe goes to Music and Missions on Wednesday nights at church. She loves it so much. In fact, I think it may be one of her favorite parts of the week. Her Music class put on a Thanksgiving musical for the parents during her class this week. I watched them rehearse last week (through the door), and she did every motion, sang in the microphone, sang all the songs, and basically did what she was supposed to do.

When parents were in there, and K and I were on the front row.....NOT SO MUCH!!! I have to come to terms that it is not good for Chloe to have people watching her. She does not need to know that I am there. Do not get me wrong, I will always be there, but she will not know that!

I was upstairs exercising at church, and K took Chloe to get something to eat and then to her class to get ready for the performance. For some reason he took her pictures in front of the Christmas display, instead of the Fall display. I have no idea what he was thinking. But he was proud of himself, so I was not going to complain!

He then walked her to her class to get changed into her orange shirt she painted with her Turkey handprint. It was so cute.

In case you are wondering why her hand in in the seat next to her, she was saving it.....for Kinley Rose.

Chloe was very focused on her new Dora ring that she had gotten at dinner (it came in the cupcake), and so she was not too focused on singing. When it was almost Chloe and Kinley's turn to use the microphone, Kinley said "We don't want to sing in that!", and Chloe looked at her, smiled, and they both just started shaking their heads. What one of them does, the other one does! I hope that these sweet girls will always be friends!

I cannot believe that we are entering into the Holiday Season!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day Program

I attended Chloe's Veterans Day Chapel because I knew that they were all going to be singing. It was not a formal program, but Veterans could come, and parents could come if they wanted. It would have been great, but Chloe saw me, and her teacher told her that she could come and sit with me!!!


First of All, I was not staying the whole time, and secondly, I wanted to take pictures of her standing with her school and singing. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING??

Anyway, I did get a cute picture!