Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Haircut

Well.....we did it!  We finally took Chloe to get her first haircut, and I have the hair to prove it!  This is something that I did not want to do. In fact, I was adamant about the fact that I would just deal with the hair in her eyes until it was long enough to pull all back.  So......I lied, and I cut it!  Here is the beauty shop girl before her haircut.

She was so excited about her haircut. She just kept saying..."Mommy, I go get Chloe haircut!" As you can see in this picture her bangs were out of control and I tried every day to clip them back, but by the time I picked her up from school they were matted to her head, and I could not handle it for another day!

Katie at our salon cut her hair for the first time. Katie does not do my hair, but she owns the salon in Hendersonville. Katie used to wash and dry my hair for me when I was pregnant with Chloe and was too sick to do it myself. I loved her for it. When I was pregnant I promised her that she could give Chloe her first haircut. So here she is.....

She was having a blast and looking at herself the entire time! Obviously you can see that K was with her and she was sitting so still for Katie.

When we were done Chloe got a sucker, and I got her picture! Here is the after shot.....and yes, it is a goofy smile!

Who knows.....maybe we will start having appointments at the same time!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Tristyn!

Chloe's friend Tristyn turned one, and we got to go celebrate with her.  I tell you what....Chloe's schedule is getting very busy!  She is quite the social butterfly.  Tristyn's party was at her house and all the kids had a great time !  

Here is Chloe with Kylei, Tristyn's sister, and another little girl from the party. They basically stayed outside the entire time and played until they were just dead tired!

There were water balloons at the party and Chloe did not really understand it, but she wanted to play with them because all the bigger girls were playing. It was so funny, because they were throwing and busting them faster that we could fill them up with water! When the girls got another bucket of balloons Chloe would run over to get one, and they would be gone already because Chloe just stood back and waited her turn. Sometimes manners are just not necessary. Finally, she got one!

One thing that she did not like about the balloons was the mess it made in the yard. She kept saying "I don't yike it mess mommy!" I'm telling ya, I am not sure where she got her cleanliness from!

Bubbles were another huge hit at the party. As always, she loved the bubbles!

And here is the birthday girl with her cake!

And here is Chloe and Kylei eating their cake! I am not sure who liked it more!

During the party the guy's were playing horseshoes. Here is K playing a game that he later admitted he hated!

After most people had left the party, Chloe, Kylei, and another little girl decided to strip down and get in the pool! They were having a blast. Three little girls cracking themselves up may be the cutest sound ever!

But it always comes back to Chloe and her best friend......

Happy Birthday Tristyn! We had fun!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere

Chloe's daycare has started their summer water play on Friday's. She loves it! I struggle with not sending her cute, monogrammed bikini but I do not want to take a chance on getting it ruined! The first day I snuck in to watch her and captured some shots on camera. She was so cute, but a bit hesitant to play in the water. She had fun after it was all said and done.

Look closely, because it will be a rare occasion that you see my sweet girl wearing a one piece. But...with all the boys in her class we did not want her flaunting her curves! she is!

I think she was pretending to be a bouncer or something in this picture! I love the way she is serious! Water Play is nothing to joke around about! She looked at me and said "BE CAREFUL MOMMA!" The funny part was that her voice was really deep and she was pointing her finger. I'm not sure where she got that from.....haha!

Here she is playing with her friends. This is the reason that we have to keep her covered up at school! Look at those boys! I think that we are in trouble.

And here are some close ups of my sweet girl, so I will post more if I can make it to another water play! We sure are having a busy summer!