Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bluegrass Egg Hunt

We were excited to get to go to the Bluegrass Egg Hunt this year because originally we were not going to be able to make it due to a Sunday School Party. However, it was raining that morning and the Sunday School hunt was cancelled, so here we are! Chloe was very excited because she loves anything that takes place at "her country club!"

As soon as we got there we were greeted by the bunny. Chloe's other cousins Caleb, and Elizabeth were there too so she got to have her picture made with them!

Chloe headed over to the crafts table after she got a chance to see the Easter Bunny!

While we were waiting for the Egg Hunt to start Chloe saw that they were setting up for a wedding in the Glass Room. She LOVES anything that has to do with a wedding, and she LOVES taking pictures. So guess what we spent the next 30 minutes doing?

Seriously, this girl knew right where she wanted to stand, in front of the beautiful flowers, next to the wedding chairs, in the brides aisle! I have to give it to her, she knows what looks good!!

As soon as I thought we were done in the wedding room, she remembered the craft she had made earlier and wanted to take a picture with the wedding room!

It was finally time to head out to the Egg Hunt! This was the first year that Chloe moved up to the older age group, making her the youngest. She was a bit intimidated.

I think that she was more concerned about having some tea, than hunting eggs with older kids! Here she is with her tea because she was just "parched!'

And here is Chloe after the hunt with her basket..notice it is not overflowing with eggs. She got a grand total of 6. Yes, you read that correctly!! Like I said, she was more interested in having tea!

When the hunt was over K, Chloe, and I headed inside to have something to eat. We were all starving, and it got me out of cooking that night! Do you think she is a Daddy's Girl?

I think she kinda likes me too, though!



The Garners said...

The wedding photos/poses are so cute! :) Alexee did that to me at Epcot Center--she wanted her picture made by EVERYTHING!