Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kindergarten Rocks!

Chloe went reluctantly to her Back To School Bash. You see, she was separated from her friends. Not just a couple of her friends....ALL OF HER FRIENDS! Every single one of them. In fact, she cried for 2 days when I told her who her teacher was, and who her friends' teachers were. It was happy at my household. Here she is posing for a few pictures before we walk in to meet her teacher.

Look how big she is!!! This summer at Bear Camp she met a girl named Abby, and it just so happens that Abby is in her class, so at least she will know someone. Here is Chloe and Abby at Back to School Bash!

We finally arrived at Mrs. Powell's room. Mrs. Powell is a new teacher this year. So even I did not know her teacher. Here is Chloe meeting her teacher for the first time.

After Chloe and Mrs. Powell had some small talk, Chloe went to do some art on the dry erase boat. She was making herself right at home!

Before we left we had to get one good picture of Chloe and her Kindergarten teacher!

On our way out, we ran into one of Chloe's best friends, Annalee. There are 4 girls, also known as "The Crew!" They gave themselves that name. Crazy girls. I thought that we may have a melt down, because it just reminded her that they were not in the same class, but I was pleasantly surprised. Here she is with another member of "The Crew", Annalee.

Such sweet memories! I cannot believe my baby girl is already in Kindergarten. Where has time gone?